SinC Speed and Smarts Direction When you are trying to beat a boat that’s just ahead or behind, you have to consider strategy, not just tactics. In the same way that you want to be on the ‘favored’ side of the fleet, you should put yourself on the ‘favored’ side of any boat that you are trying to pass.

SinC Dellenbaugh Risk Taking One definition of risk is ‘exposure to the possibility of loss.’ That basically sums it up for sailboat racers. When you take a risk, you are accepting the chance that you will lose something you have – boats, time, you're standing in the series, a chance to catch up, etc.

SinC Patos Island Race 2022 “This popular event is hosted by the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club on Vancouver Island and is the first in the ‘triple crown’ of the big Island events (followed by the Round Salt Spring Race and the Swiftsure Race)."

SinC Rules Guy Gybe Mark Room Diagram I have now written two articles about mark-room at a gybe mark. In both cases, the mark denotes a point at which boats would clearly need to assume a different tack to sail to the next mark. We typically call these marks gybe marks.

SinC Speed and Smarts Laylines It’s impossible to round any mark without getting to the layline first. But the big question, both tactically and strategically, is how far you should be from the mark when you reach that layline. There’s a huge difference between making your final approach from three lengths versus 30 lengths.

SinC Southern Straits Race After a two-year COVID-19 hiatus, the West Vancouver Yacht Club will host the 52nd Southern Straits Sailing Race over the Easter weekend, with sailors once again hitting open water to navigate a course crisscrossing the Georgia Strait.

SailGPWhen the Grand Final of SailGP Season 2 got under way on San Francisco Bay on Sunday 27 March, the previous 47 races in the eight-event series arguably counted for nothing.

SinC Speed and Smarts Light Air Breeze You’re sailing upwind on port tack on the first beat of a race, and it feels like you are on a pretty good lift. However, when you look toward the left side of the course, you see a small increase in wind pressure. Should you keep sailing on the lift, or tack to head for a little more breeze?

SinC Gybe Mark Room Diagram Alberti Last time, I started a discussion of mark-room at a gybe mark. I presented some fairly common scenarios that appear when two boats approach a gybe mark and round together. I am going to continue that discussion this month with some slightly more complicated situations.

SinC PHRF Roger Renaud Part 3 In my opinion, now is the time that these smaller rating stations of the Great Lakes allow Mid-West PHRF to expand and become the ‘head-office’ for the area. Regardless of whether a station makes the move and joins with MW-PHRF or not, each of the PHRF Stations of the region need to adopt.


Silver medal for Andre Deseau of West Van YC

Close to 40 young Canadian sailors were in action last weekend for the Midwinters West competitions held in California.

At the ILCA-NA Midwinters West held at Marina del Rey, Andre Deseau was the top Canadian with a second-place finish in the ILCA 4 class. The athlete from West Vancouver Yacht Club had a strong last day with a 4th, 1st and 3rd position, allowing him to climb from third to second spot.